Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Can I just say this whole baby thing is the best?  We have hit a phase where we are going, doing, exploring.  Adelaide is old enough that we can do activities with her that we have been dreaming about since we began dreaming about adding children to our family.  

One of those moments was taking Adelaide to her first baseball game a few weeks ago.  There is a minor league baseball park in our town with an amazing lawn section.  We took our blankets, spread out and enjoyed the game and our little girl taking in the sights.  She mostly rolled around chatting, singing and playing while we watched the game and ate ballpark food.  Although she did decide to sneak one garlic fry.  Let's just say that baby is QUICK when she decides to eat something she shouldn't!  

The afternoon was overcast and actually a little cool for Texas in the spring. 

Of course we had our arsenal of baby-entertaining supplies and snacks.  

She had so much fun and so did we!  We are planning to go again really soon.  

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