Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nursery Decor, Part 2

After picking out furniture (or really at the same time!) we moved on to bedding. Since the furniture was dark and I was still worried about accomplishing a light and airy feeling I thought bedding was one of the ways I could accomplish that. Now, I know there are two schools of thought on nursery bedding--that it's a baby's room and should look babyish or that it should look more adult. Because of our style and the fact that each room is connected to the next or can be seen from at least two other rooms in our old historic home, we decide to keep the nursery in step with the over all design asthetic of the house. Plus, I am not a fan of princes and princesses or the jungle theme that seems to be on like all the baby bedding. Nor do I really like things that are over the top pink or blue--remember I wanted gender neutral to start?

So I searched high and low for modern bedding that was affordable and looked like us and like it belonged in out home.  And this is what we found:

I found it at the Dwell Studio's website.  But let's be honest, baby bedding is a rip off.  First off, they don't care--they are just babies--really its me that cares.  Plus they are going to probably poop and pee and puke on it far more than they are going to appreciate the design asthetic or thread count.  So it doesn't make a ton of sense to pay tons of money for it, plus I am of the firm opinion that you should never pay full price for much of anything, especially since the dawn of the internet.  So I searched around and found it discounted at ModernNursery.com by about twenty percent or so. Plus they were doing free shipping and no tax, which made the pricey designer bedding make more sense (or at least to this hormonal, design loving mama). 

I like that it's light so adds some levity to the heavy dark furniture we picked.  I like that its got some pink but its got some purple--girly but not over the top.  And I like that there's chocolate and tan in it to pick up on and neutralize it a bit. 

Next up...accesories and art work!

A Thankful List

I know that Thanksgiving was last month but in this time of hustle and bustle and shopping and stress I thought I would take a cue from another blogger and take time to list the things that I am thankful for this season. 

1. T, my lovely husband.  I know its seems cheesy or obvious, but this time right before the baby comes has been so much fun.  We are a really great team and I am just enjoying every last minute of our family of two.

2. My really great colleagues.  I don't really talk too much about my work life, but I work with some of the coolest people.  People that I even call my friends. 

3. For T and I's sense of humor which always seems to help lighten the mood

4. For basic human kindness and compassion that people show.  Being pregnant enough that I am now showing and don't jsut look like I've had one too many cheeseburgers I have found people to be very helpful and kind. 

5. For a mid-day skim hot chocolate and a snickerdoodle cookie

6. For being able to feel the baby all the time (whoa is it reassuring!) and being able to share that with T

7. That I only had to go to the mall once this holiday season. 

8. For my two siblings that are two really cool people who always have really sharp insight to troubling situations. 

9. For a season filled with wonderfully cheery mail that are not bills! 

10.  For having some really wonderful family recipies and tradition to look forward to sharing with T on Christmas Day

What are you thankful for this month?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nursery Decor, Part 1

We have been pulling together the nursery as of late.  Its not finished, but it is coming along nicely.  I thought I would share about it in a series of posts just for fun and to document the process so when little bit #2 comes along we can look back and laugh at our new parent selves. 

We decided that we would put little bit in the middle bedroom of our house, which was serving as our guest bedroom.  It worked the best logistically, because its close to our room and its not right off the main living space.  Also, the walls were painted a nice, light tan, something that I thought we could keep with either gender depending on which way our color palete went. 

Orginally I wanted gender neutral--grey, yellow and white and modern.  But there have been plenty of set backs in that plan.  First off there are only a hand full of modern baby cribs and they are pretty costly, especially for what you are getting (often not even made of solid wood).  Second of all, there is really not a lot fo options for modern baby bedding that is gender neutral.  I would have LOVED to have swen my own bedding together, since I am a pretty good seamstress and love sewing, however, working 50+ hours a week and keeping a household up doesn't leave much time for such a large craft project.  After I sort of did my research and figured out what my options were and after I had drug T to like every baby furniture place in a tri-state area (seriously, this man deserves a medal) we decided on our furniture. 

We went with the espresso finished furniture.  Why?  Well, I orignally wanted white because its so clean and buoyant and woudl add a sense of lightness in our nursery, which sits on the north side of the house and doesn't get much light.  However, as much as I tried I couldn't picture a child much past 2 or 3 years old in white furniture especially since my vision was clean!  We decided that the espresso would be much more forgiving of smudges etc and be able to transition along with the little bit.  We also decided to do one of the "lifestyle" beds that transitions from crib to fullsized bed.  We like the set and think its classic.  So our little bit can use it in the nursery and then grow along with it or if we decide its just not their style it would transition nicely into a guest bedroom set.  The set we picked out besides be asthetically pleasing, got really high safety ratings and customer service ratings and met our basic quality criteria for major furniture purchases. 

We purchased our furniture from a furniture store that was recomended to us by friends.  They were willing to negotiate (I left that part to T my super sales expert) and they delivered and assembled.  And I have to say, even though our store threw in the delivery and assembly at no cost--totally worth it!  Their delivery men were on time, neat, clean and professional and had the furniture ready to go in no time at all.  Totally worth it!
And as far as what we actually purchased it was great--solid wood, well constucted and it totally didn't break the bank at all! 

My Mister

The other night we were sitting at dinner at our kitchen table.  After we had finished catching each other up on our days, there was a lull in the conversation. 

Suddenly (because if you know me I am a bit spacey and random sometimes with my trains of thought) I said to to T, "You know what I have thought everytime I have looked down at my stomach today?"

He replied, "Holy crap! I swallowed a basketball!"

All I have to say is that I must not have too much of the crazy pregnancy hormone pumping through my veins because rather than cry or hit him I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair!

I am really lucky to be married to someone who is so funny and who has made this process so much fun!

*the picture is of T and Ranger from our first winter here in Indiana.