Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Crafties {Painted Blocks}

Today's Tuesday Crafties is a Toddler Crafty...we decided to paint our own set of wooden blocks.  Over the winter I had made several sets of Olio blocks as gifts.  I had some left over plain wooden blocks that A ran across in my craft supplies and asked her favorite question, "paint, mommy?" So I said "sure why not!"

I picked three colors to keep it simple, using a acrylic craft paint and adding a bit of water to keep her little layers of paint thin. I also put a separate brush in each color to prevent too much mixing.

We didn't wear a smock with this project (but should have).  We totally own and recommend this one if you are looking for one.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Things...

Three things since I last posted...

1) We live with a two year old now and it's awesome!

2) My wonderfully creative and adventurous sister was published on Quarterlette and you should go check out her article about her time at Lolapolooza last year, because it's about to be music festival season!

3) I'm preaching every Sunday through the summer.  It's work people, but I love it.  

I miss you all and I miss blogging--we are just sort of living in the present, in our living, breathing, everyday ordinary lives.  It is oh so good.  If you want a peek into our daily lives I am on Instagram daily.  I kinda love capturing the small moments through out our day via pictures.