Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

This week has been really long and crammed pack.  Plus T has been out of town for work. All. Week. Long. I can't describe how glad I am to be picking him up from the airport in a few short hours so we can begin the weekend.

Thank goodness I have had this little guy to keep me company this week...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall!

Happy first day of fall everyone!  I am so excited!  After a long, hot, dry and nausious summer I can't wait for cooler weather and all of our fall traditions.  T and I have always been big on creating our own traditions and have some now that span several years.  Over the years we have also been blessed with lots of friends that have been a part of our little family's celebrations. 

So in honor of the first day of fall (officially) here are a list of our family's traditions that I am looking forward to in the next couple of months:

1. Baking homemade Chex Mix and watching the Wizard of Oz

2. Carving pumpkins

3. Roasting our pumpkins seeds from our pumpkins (I will try to post the receipe here this year!)

4. Driving out to the country to do some end of season hiking and seeing the leave change

The top picture is from carving pumkins in 2006 when we were in grad school and the one below is a bad picture but its so darn cute.  Its from 2005 and our first year in grad school--don't we all look so young?

What are some of the things you and your family look forward to in the fall?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Over the Weekend

Our weekends are shaping up to look alot different these days.  This Saturday morning T and I decided to walk up to the farmers market about a mile north up a walking trial from our house.  We had a couple of friends Rick and Holly from the group Patchwork who were playing live music there and we just really love all the sights and sounds of the farmers market.  We also took Ranger and he was perfect.  He let random people pet him and didn't even jump or do his usual "ok, I will stand really stiff and hope this is over soon" thing.  He wag his tail the whole time and even hopped up in our friend Rick's lap (luckily not knocking over his beautiful hammer dulcimer).  Then I came home and rested while T did some music stuff.  Rest is a big part of what we are up to these days!

After our late afternoon commitment we made open faced, turkey meatloaf sandwhiches from the leftover from Friday night.  Yum!  They were awsome and I wish I had snapped a pic! 

Sunday was a work day and work was so fun/crazy that we napped most of the day.  However, we did go to lunch with friends and our friend Jon brought his four month old son Cal and let me tell you I have never met a more laid back and chill baby in my life.  He just let us all pass him around and he talked and smiled and just hung out. 

So not a very eventful weekend and of course I forgot the camera, but I wanted to get back to regular posts.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What We've Been Up To

It's been pretty quiet around the blog and around our house these days.  I figured I would let T (and Ranger) tell you what we've been up to with a few pictures we took about 8 weeks ago...

That's right!  We are pregnant!  We found out at the end of July and have been so excited to share the news!  We thought Tim taking pictures would be way more fun, since at 12 weeks, I still have no sign of a belly! 

To totally copy our cousin Janet I thought I might do a little Q&A from some of the questions that we have been getting (athough we will have a few different ones since this is our first!)

The most frequent question I get is how are you feeling?
I am actually slowly getting some energy back and the nausea has gotten much more managable.  The nausea was probably the worst around week five through eight, but I will say that it comes back if I do a bad job managing my energy and drain myself.  So as long as I don't push it and work a 13 hour day (which was pretty common pre-pregnancy) I can manage my energy and nausea. 

How far along are you/when are you due?
This question when asked in person is alway accompanied by an up-down of my stomach.  I am 12 weeks and are due on April 1.  When we first found out we were pregnant and spoke with the doctor they did thier magic math and figured our due date on April 1 and that I was 3 weeks along.  However, when we went in for our 8 week exam and ultrasound the baby measured bigger and so they doctor determined that I was a week and a half further along.  But apparently they don't change your due date unless you are way off, so April 1 is the official but it will more than likely be the end of March.  I am also not showing at all. My mom (which you will gather is one of my ultimate authorities) said that's normal for your first pregnancy.

Are you going to find out the gender?
Actually we have gone back and forth on this one.  Originally we though absolutely yes I am a planner and T "needs to know whether to buy a softball glove or a baseball glove" (side note, no matter the gender they will be getting a musical instrument and golf clubs....probably not right away!).  But I sort of like the idea of either not knowing or keeping it as a secret for just Tim and I until the baby is born.

Are you going to share the name and/or do you have a name picked out?
Because of the public nature of my work and because we have heard so many horror stories on oppionated friends and family ruining names for people (my own mother had planned on naming me something different until she and my dad's close friends turned around and stole her name for me for thier brand new puppy!).  So we will be keeping that to ourselves.  Plus I think there is something sweet and romantic about keeping somethings between just Tim and I in our little family.  As for names we have two really great girls names and a few possible boy names but nothing we are set on yet (hence why it might be good to know the gender so we can get crackin on thos boy names or not worry about it!)

Do you already know what you are going to do for the nursery (can you tell my friends totally know my love for interior design)?
I don't have any detailed plans.  I do know that even though we will be finding out the gender of the baby, the baby will have a gender neutral room that is consistent with the design asthetic of the house.  I have a few ideas and will post the progress as it goes. Right now I am contemplating which room the baby will go in and how to make room for all the baby stuff in our cute little house! Also I am really waiting to get some of my energy back before I really get my creativity going.  I did however decide that a good sew machine is going to be a must for my nesting process!

How did you and T's parents take the news?
Since this will be the first grandchild on either side you can only imagine how they took it!  They were super excited, of course.  But the sweetest thing was my grandmother when I told her said, "oh you will be the best little mother!" 

Alright, I promise our blog won't be taken over by baby stuff (yet).  Honestly I am hoping to chronicle some of our adventures as we enjoy our last months together as just T and I on here.  We have been together for six years, married for three and lived in three different states together, it has been an awesome adventure and we can't wait to add this little one to our family so they can share all the adventures with us!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

I haven't posted a video here yet and am not sure if I will do it right, but I saw this today over on Anna's blog at Door Sixteen and just LOVED it!  Thought some of you might too!

P.S. If you like blogs about people renovating old houses Anna's blog is great!

Birthday Way Overdue

So I appologize for the insane delay in updating about my birthday.  I want to blame it on my sister for taking forever to get me the pictures from that night and leaving me to steal this one off of facebook, but that wouldn't be fair, becuase let's face it I am a big procrastonator and we have had lots of projects going on lately which have left little time for blogging.  But I am here now and that's what counts right?

When I shared in staff meeting that I had the best birthday ever my boss asked, "what constitutes the best birthday ever for you?"

Well let me tell you (and if you hate bragging or happy stuff just stop reading) the perfect birthday is my sister visiting and being so awesome, a day at the spa, diamonds (that's right way to go T!), a suprise party with a small gathering of our closest friends and T and my little sis painting the last room that needed to be painted in the house after I had done 5 already.  That's right.  It was pretty much perfect in my book.  I am very loved and I know it for sure (and I would have know it without the diamonds, the party or the spa...but the painting was a TOTAL act of love).

So that is what the perfect 29th birthday looks like for this gal.  Thanks to all that made it so special.