Monday, September 20, 2010

Over the Weekend

Our weekends are shaping up to look alot different these days.  This Saturday morning T and I decided to walk up to the farmers market about a mile north up a walking trial from our house.  We had a couple of friends Rick and Holly from the group Patchwork who were playing live music there and we just really love all the sights and sounds of the farmers market.  We also took Ranger and he was perfect.  He let random people pet him and didn't even jump or do his usual "ok, I will stand really stiff and hope this is over soon" thing.  He wag his tail the whole time and even hopped up in our friend Rick's lap (luckily not knocking over his beautiful hammer dulcimer).  Then I came home and rested while T did some music stuff.  Rest is a big part of what we are up to these days!

After our late afternoon commitment we made open faced, turkey meatloaf sandwhiches from the leftover from Friday night.  Yum!  They were awsome and I wish I had snapped a pic! 

Sunday was a work day and work was so fun/crazy that we napped most of the day.  However, we did go to lunch with friends and our friend Jon brought his four month old son Cal and let me tell you I have never met a more laid back and chill baby in my life.  He just let us all pass him around and he talked and smiled and just hung out. 

So not a very eventful weekend and of course I forgot the camera, but I wanted to get back to regular posts.

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