Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Way Overdue

So I appologize for the insane delay in updating about my birthday.  I want to blame it on my sister for taking forever to get me the pictures from that night and leaving me to steal this one off of facebook, but that wouldn't be fair, becuase let's face it I am a big procrastonator and we have had lots of projects going on lately which have left little time for blogging.  But I am here now and that's what counts right?

When I shared in staff meeting that I had the best birthday ever my boss asked, "what constitutes the best birthday ever for you?"

Well let me tell you (and if you hate bragging or happy stuff just stop reading) the perfect birthday is my sister visiting and being so awesome, a day at the spa, diamonds (that's right way to go T!), a suprise party with a small gathering of our closest friends and T and my little sis painting the last room that needed to be painted in the house after I had done 5 already.  That's right.  It was pretty much perfect in my book.  I am very loved and I know it for sure (and I would have know it without the diamonds, the party or the spa...but the painting was a TOTAL act of love).

So that is what the perfect 29th birthday looks like for this gal.  Thanks to all that made it so special.

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