Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art and Such: Living Room Edition

We are both pretty serious arts festival junkies. I think for me it dates back to going to the Canton Flea Market in Canton, TX, or because its seems to mean summer is officially here or maybe its because I have yet to meet a funnel cake I could consume in under 2 minutes flat. But we at Pretty as the Morning love us some arts festivals.

Last year for the first time we attended the Broad Ripple Arts Fair and fell in love with a particular artist, Dolan Geiman. I am sure you could find fabulously written reviews on his work anywhere out there, but I seriously love it. It is the perfect blend of vintage Americana while still being fresh and modern and of course, its got this great Southern twist. Love.

So for the last year I have been scoping out all thier work on etsy and have pretty much decided that this piece would look amazing over our couch and be the perfect thing to compliment our letterpress print collection that is already in there:

More recently I have decided that this beauty would be perfect for the long (and still empty) wall in our dining room. The color and composition would work well with our very natural and soft feel we have in there while still tying together its neighboring room:

But since we are in no shape this particular year to spend that kind of money on art work (one day soon I hope!) this year at the arts festival we purchase this lovely set to hang alongside our "Love Your Neighbor" poster (once it has arrived and is framed) next to the front door. The colors go magically well in our living room with our existing work. I am hoping to hang them one night after work and will snap some pics to share here.

They are small, but a good start to a no doubt soon to be growing collection.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bathroom, Interupted

I realize by the title of this post that what I say could go any number of directions, but since this is a family blog, I am going to talk about our recent partial bathroom remodel. I call it recent, although it began in March. I call it partial, because it was one of those unexpected situation. You know, the ones that start like a little like this:

Me: Honey, come here.

Me: NO, honey, really come here I think somethings, wrong, there's water along the baseboard of our bedroom

Yeah...so the partial comes from the unexpected nature of the situation. It started with some tile in the shower that had bad grout and gained in force as we tore out the shower walls, and then since the contractor was already demo-ing the joint and it already looked like hell in there, we had him rip off the eye level high 1" square tiles from the 50s that the previous owner had just painted white that encompassed the rest of the room. But we weren't in the mood (and I mean by mood, the budget, time and patience) to rip our the tile on the floor, the sink, etc, to make it an all and our bathroom remodel.

But I do call it a remodel because we could see the inward parts of our house for several days, I had to make some on the fly decisions about more than three things and how they were going to tie into the overall asthetic of the house. So, yeah.

Here is our sweet house with her guts all showing. I wish I had before pictures, but the situation was so unexpected I forgot to hop in there and snap away. I guess if all you see are these, the afters will look that much better!

(our shower, post-demo, pre-tile. Is our house beautiful and sturdy on the inside?)
(this is a shot of the wall that had our mirror on it...When we took it down we discovered that there was a medicine cabinet there at some point...classy)

Today's Lunch-Turkey, Avacado and Sprouts

We are pretty committed to healthy eating and exercising at our house, but we have had to redouble our efforts lately, probably because we discovered a real-live Mexican food restraunt in our neighborhood none the less that serves up tasty dishes that will pass for the Tex Mex we miss so much living in the Midwest. They have the BEST chicken chimichanga and chile relleno we have found yet and thier queso is called queso on the menu rather than the wierd midwest phenomenon called "cheese dip." Eck. It sounds so much less fattinging when you use Spanish. Anyhow, I digress...

So today I packed my lunch (like most days) and I have to say I am totally in love with this sandwich becuase it features my new favorite condiment-avacado. Avacado is loaded with nutrients, has the "good" kind of fat and if properly ripened can totally sub as a spread on just about any kind of sandwich. Today I paired it with turkey, provalone and sprouts on whole grain. Yum.