Monday, June 11, 2012

House Projects, Fishy Faces and Golf Carts

You know I am a notoriously bad blogger during nice weather.  So, no apologies!  I haven't been tackling very many craft projects (although I do have a few I might share) because we have been tackling some much bigger projects around the house, painting, cleaning and organizing and even tackled a landscaping project (or two).  Between all that fun and traveling a bit here and there...not much time for blogging!

Little miss continues to grow and grow, mostly in skills and not in size--she is still a tiny peanut!  She has in her command about a dozen words or so and knows and can say 3 or 4 animal sounds.  In fact, crazy little story...We got the Melissa and Doug wooden animal fridge magnets (at TJMaxx on the cheap!) a while back and I busted them out about a month ago to both keep her occupied while I cooked dinner and to start learning our animals just for fun.  I didn't know if she was old enough to learn animal sounds but I would sit on the kitchen floor across from her a couple of times a day and let her pull the magnets off the fridge and hand them to me.  I would then say the animal name, make the sound and hand it back to her to put on the fridge.  One particular animal caught her attention immediately and seems to sell her on the whole animal noise thing--the fish!  I think she really liked the facial expression of making fish lips, but the first night we worked on them, that next morning she handed me the fish and made the fish lips and the kissy noise!  I about died from cuteness right there on the kitchen floor!  And it's her favorite animal and noise to make.  

Having a one year old is the best, by the way.  She is so fun to take on adventures now that she can point and go "Ooooh!" One of the little adventures we had a few weeks ago was taking a golf cart ride.  First, off golf carts are waaaay safer than when I was a kid and have things like seat belts.  Plus her Uncle B went very slow and safely for his niece.  It was so fun because my siblings and I grew up on and around golf course (fun random fact, I actually played competitive golf through middle school and high school) so it was kind of one of those little dreams come true to start introducing Adelaide to the game and fun of golf.  We definitely have plans to get her little clubs when she starts walking and getting a little coordination. 

How have you all been?

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