Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Help is Hard to Find

I pack my lunch everyday that I go to work. This little peice of information is part fact and part brag because I enjoy being able to eat healthy, fresh, homemade foods.  Three days a week I pack Adelaide's lunch for school and I enjoy providing the same for her.
In the past month or so we have discovered the double meaning of the word "help" or as we most often pronounce it "hep." At first we taught Adelaide the word "help" to curb some of the fits when she would get frustrated trying to do something--they didn't come very often but we wanted to equipt her with words not yelling, not frustration.  But probably three weeks ago she discoved that help can be something you do for someone else, as well.  And so about half of the time now she will say "hep mama" to offer her services on whatever project I might be working on. 
One of her favorite things to "hep" with lately is cooking and packing lunches.  She will sit on the counter (she is still very tiny and takes up almost no room) and I will stand in front of her (for safety) and we will put together salads, fill containers with fruit, stir ingredients and her favorite thing--shake spices into whatever we are cooking!  Sometimes when I go to zip up my lunch box I have to remove the small porceline bowl she piled on top of my sandwich along with a lid from an unused tupperware container, sometimes I have to slice a few extra apples slices because my helper wants to sample the goods, but good help is hard to find.  And cute, sweet, smiley help is even harder!

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