Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 in 12 Review

Remember my 12 in 12?  Yeah, me neither...I kid!  I thought being the new year I thought I would check in on last year's 12 in 12 and see how I did.  So without further ado....

1) Try and new cut and color...done and sort of done.
I went darker in the fall and decided to commit to growing it out long.  I found a great stylist that gave my long hair some shape.

2) Learn how to wear lipstick.  Done and if I could revise this intention I would have said "learn to wear lipstick AND actually wear it."  I found a gloss based lipstick in a red that I love for my everyday look.

3) Decided on a paint color of the formal living/dining and paint it. DONE!  And I freaking LOVE it!  But truthfully I got this one barely under the wire.  We had swatches painted all over the walls for the better part of the year.  It was so bad that one of my sister's friends asked "are you going for an abstract look?" and my poor color bling hubby was like "um, can we pick something? This is driving me crazy." His request was in August and I decided on a paint in October....eek!  Then I did my normal thing where I trim in my spare time at night and then roller one Saturday.  My goal was to have it done before we decorated for the holidays and let's say I was rollering the last coat as the mister was dragging the boxes out of the attic.  I will post pictures soon, promise.

4) Run in a race. Check.  I did the Jingle Bell Run in Fort Worth with my sister and T.  Little A tagged along and it was fun.  I might try another one this year

5) Refinish the bed frame I bought at the flea market.  Fail.  Well, not really, it's taken me a while to decide on painting versus refinishing and then there are only so many hours in the day...and I did that little thing called going back to work.  I am not feeling too bad about this one.

6) Begin building our food garden in the back yard.  Nope, we didn't work on this one.  Instead we focused our time and money on fixing up the existing landscaping and put in a new bed.  It's a process.

7) Get the creative room pulled together.  I got that one done first thing this year and we have really enjoyed it.  We have a few more plans to tweak the room this year but we have a great base.

8) Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  No, but this one is going straight to my list this year!

9) Take Adelaide to the place T and I got engaged. We accomplished this in a pretty special way.  You can read more about it here.

10) Visit two art museums that are not in my city.  I didn't get this done, but I am at peace.  We used the heck out of our DMA membership.  Adelaide and I spent much of the summer going in the morning to look at the collection, gabbing lunch at the cafe and heading home.  But I would like to continue to seek out opportunities to soak up art with my little family.

11) Finish a sewing project from a pattern.  That's another big, fat no.  I am starting to think that I have a real problem with patterns, because I have done several sewing projects but I have drafted the pattern myself or just free handed it (Adelaide's nap mat cover for school and a stole for worship).  Oops.

12) Attend at least one concert.  Ha!  This one is the biggest yes of the bunch.  I joked to someone that if you followed me on Instagram, you would think that my life was all food, cute baby raising and concerts.  This year I got to see the Old 97s, Florence and the Machine, Bob Dylan, A Fine Frenzy, and several DSO concerts.

All in all it was a great year.

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