Thursday, August 5, 2010


I was inspired by Jess's Summer (Home) Slim Down challenge and more recently by Maryellen's Freegan cleaning spree.  We live in a tiny historic home with tiny "quaint" closets which require vigilant cleaning and purging.  Plus our basement needs some definite cleaning out, since its has boxes that have moved from house to house without ever having been openned. 

So I have been sorting through our stuff, trying to get rid of things and trying to pass on some of our nicest things to different folks.  A few weeks back I found two idenical dresses in the back of my tiny closet taking up space.  They were too big in the top, but they were a nice length, had a cute belt and they were $9 at Ann Taylor LOFT a the end of last season.  But I hadn't ever worn them becasue they were too big in the top.  I rarely ever do that anymore but I hate it when I do!  But then I read where one of the bloggers I follow is pregnant and is in the wierd, nothing-fits-and-anything-that-does-looks-unfashionable phase.  So I shot Indiana an e-mail, boxed those dresses up and sent them on thier way.  She got them a few days ago and they worked!  I was so happy to do something nice for someone else, sort of randomly.  Not to get all sappy but it felt good to just put some random kindness out into the universe, because I think we could all se more of that. 

Note: Freecycling is a term I got from the redistribution website for Freegans.  To learn more see this NYTimes article from 2007. 

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  1. How cool are you? I love it! The dress looked adorable on Austin!