Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jeppe Hein at the IMA

A few weeks ago T and I decided to head over the the IMA to just hang out.  Its in our neighborhood, its free (except special exhibits) and there just so much to take it. There was a new fashion exhibit I wanted to check out so we headed over there for a couple of hours.  

While we were there, a new instalation on the top floor caught my eye so we decided to head up there and check it out. It was one of the coolest exhibits I have seen in a while. It was basically an interactive exhibit where balls were released at intervals for you to follow through a complex series of chutes and tunnels and funnels.  The mechanics of it was so awesome. 


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  1. I would like to mention that while we were watching this incredibly impressive piece of artwork, one of the engines that moves the balls along stopped working. There was a massive pile up and yet all the museum docent could do was yell at people thinking their cell phones were cameras. There was a massive explosion and everone died. Not really, they fixed it pretty quick and it was still awesome.