Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Bets Are Off

Actually all bets are not off...they are lost.  As you already know, our beloved Texas Rangers lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World series earlier this week.   We were pretty bummed around our house.

T watched the final game in the series with some friends at thier house.  I had already gone to bed when he got home and when I woke up I had this vague recollection of him telling me something about the baby before he went to sleep.  

Later that next day I checked facebook and was reminded suddenly of what T told me the night before.

Apparently he has already gotten started on using the baby as a betting tool.  Sheesh!  You see, T's cousin J lives in San Fran and is due with a little one of her own about two weeks or so before us.  Apparently in all thier trash talking via texts, they agreed that the person who's team lost the World Series would have to dress their baby in the winning team's onesie.  

So I hope my little one looks good in orange and black...

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