Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Over the Weekend

Happy belated Fourth of July!  We had a great weekend, here's what we did...

My sister K came into town for the holiday and to visit the little miss.  What I love most about her visits is the laid back vibe her visits have whenever she comes town.  She is family that feels like family and not like a guest, so we spend a lot of our time making home cooked meals, catching up and just relaxing.  This time I had a little competition in the "chatting and catching up" department as the little miss wanted to talk her ear off and show her all her new tricks.

 I also love K because we have similar styles of cooking and similar tastes, but she always reminds me of stuff I know how to do but have forgotten, so her visits always jump start my cooking a bit. 

Sunday we made plans with the rest of the family here for a day at the pool and a cookout to celebrate the holiday.  Little miss debuted her ladybug swim suit with the red tutu and I was brave enough to snap some pics of the two of us together (and apparently brave enough to share them on the interwebs).

Little miss even got a little dip in the pool while the pool was still in the shade.  Don't worry we were super safe.  All you can see in this picture is the little cutie in her suit, but there were like 5 people surrounding her and my uncle kept a very close eye.  In fact he kept saying "watch out her cheek is 3 inches from the water!" It was very sweet.  

She loved the swim time, especially since the pool was bathtub warm.  Since I grew up around and with pools I just really love being able to slowly introduce the little miss to swimming so that she will be safe and love this activity as she grows up.  T, K and I loved the swim time because it was a great way to stretch our muscles in the heat playing volleyball, swimming laps and just goofing around.  

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and having fun not doing much of anything.  I am super excited for this week on the ol blog.  I have a few little projects to share in the kitchen and a few crafties to share as well, so check back a little later!

How was your holiday weekend?

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