Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lonestar State of Pie

This post is long over due, but I finally uploaded some pics so I thought I would finish it up and get it posted!

So, at the church pie auction a few months back I saw a pie where instead of laying the crust across the top and slitting holes or doing a lattice, they cut dozens of little stars out with a cookie cutter and scattered them across the top of the pie to form the top crust. Brilliant. My mom has a whole collection of tiny cookie cutters she uses for just such occasion but since she lives so far away in the south, I couldn't just hop over and see what she had, so I got to digging through my stash. It was a really hard decision on which one to try but since there's no such thing as Christmas in May (yet) I decided to go with a Texas shaped cookie cutter to make the hubs a Texas apple pie. Here is the results, not too bad if I do say so:
Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic...I am just lucky to snap a pic sometimes!
originally uploaded by Pretty as the Morning

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