Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Warriors

This weekend our family seriously stepped it up to get some major projects around the house tackled.  I am super bummed I didn't take any pictures of our efforts, but maybe if I have time I will snap some afters. 

As you already know, our bathroom has been in a bit of transition.  Obviously its all functioning, but I really struggled to find the right paint color, then I realized the contractors dinged up ALL of our trim work, so I stripped it all down to bare wood, filled the dings, and sanded it.  This has taken FOREVER, or at least it seems that way.  But this weekend I finally finished the final coat of paint on all the trim work and hung the new curtain I picked out!  Now all I have left to do is to take the extra curtain panel and applique it to the shower curtain (will post the final product and DIY instructions later) and order my piece of art work for in there and it is done!  Whew!

In addition to finishing painting the trim in the bathroom, we also painted the trim in the dining room a second coat.  So tonight I am going to rehang the curtains and then this room will be done too!!!

But we are not done yet!  On Saturday, we ordered 1 1/2 cubic yards of mulch and weeded and mulched all 7 of our beds in the front and back yards.  As soon as T left the garden center our friend's borrowed truck piled high, it began to rain.  Needless to say we were covered head to toe in dirt and mud by the end of the day. Hubs was a trooper and I am so thankful for his help.  The house is really coming along and I will post some pictures soon!

I told T, that if we could mulch the whole yard in one rainy Saturday we could do anything including tackle cleaning out the basement!  We'll see about that...

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