Thursday, June 24, 2010


A few weekends back, husband wanted to watch the World Cup with some friends.  I didn't mind, as in the winter he has a group of guys he gathers with on Saturday mornings to watch Premire League soccer (I think that's right, honey, let me know if I totally botched that) at a local soccer pub, the Chatham Tap, not too far from the house.  However, I didn't feel like hanging with the guys to watch soccer.  Earlier that morning we had gone to our local record shop to poke around and I saw a poster for the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Downtown Indy.

As I have already mentioned here at Pretty as the Morning, I love me some arts festivals.  Its the food, the music, the atomosphere and the chance to see new stuff--it just does something to clear my head and get my creativity going.  Plus there are always cool people to meet.  I had never been to a INDIEana event (I heard from a friend they do several around the metro) so I headed over the the Handicraft Exchange to poke around for a bit.

And let me tell you it was TOTALLY worth it!   The sellers there were AMAZING!  So many great letterpress art work, handmade bags and jewelry!  It was amazing--I texted my soccer watching hubs that I had died and gone to Etsy heaven! I found this great necklace I want to post about later from Pear and Peacock.  Super cool!  Plus the people watching was prime (per usual with these events).  The main exhibit hall inside the Harrison Center was pretty crowded.  Ok, it was packed shoulder to shoulder, so I would hope that next year they space it out a better for all the foot traffic so you can actually stop to look at things with out feeling smooshed. 

But on the whole it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning not watching soccer!

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