Wednesday, July 7, 2010

vacation all i ever wanted

Well, its been quiet here for the past week and a half because we've been on VACATION!  Sorry you had to wait until now to find out, but its the internet and well, its public and we like our house not broken into, ya know? So anyhow, this spring we decided that we wanted to take a city trip this summer.  Not that we don't love the beach but we love alternating between really lazy beach vacations and exploring new cities. 

We didn't really have a particular reason for going to San Francisco.  Basically we thew out all the places we could go given the budget we had saved, narrowed it down to two or three cities, narrowed down the week we wanted to travel and then did our research on what was available in each city to do and how much it would cost to fly and stay.  So...that's how we ended with San Fran. 

Since we spent 6 days on vacation, I am going to break up all the excitement into multiple posts.  So...if you are interested in our vacation check back, if not, so sorry to bore you! 

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