Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catch Up

I am really behind on my postings.  I haven't finnished recapping our final day in San Fransisco and our family had an unexpected trip as soon as we got back that I was planning on writing about, but things have gotten really busy around our house--all good things, but things that have kept us from regular blog posts. 

Last weekend we hosted two cookout for two different sets of awesome people, which sounds crazy except that we cleaned the house for the whole weekend affair and did one grocery shop for two parties.  So we got two parties done in one effort.  The first one was a little crazy, we had some friends in all who have little kids, in fact we are the only ones that don't.  And I was nervous all week, maybe some of you all who don't have kids either can relate.  We think our house is pretty kid proof, we have a minimalist design asthetic, and most breakable things are up higher, but since we don't actually have kids you can't test this theory until friends bring thier kids.  Which makes you nervous that you don't actually know anything about kida and that you house is super dangerous or worse that a kid is going to throw thier dinosaur through your new flat screen AND it makes your friends with kids nervous because they know that you know nothing about child proofing and so thier kid is likely to mess something up and since you don't have kids, its likely that stain on the prisine area rug is going to upset you more than if you already had kids leaving stains on the rug.  But the cookout was fun and we all had a blast--seriously!  And I wasn't nervous at all and hope that I didn't make anyone else nervous. 

Our second cookout was all adults so I didn't worry about dinosaurs through the flat screen this time.   I didn't snap any pics, but that's ok, since I am never sure about featuring other people on the ol blog. 

Next we are preparing for a slew of guest for over the fall starting with my sister for my birthday, then my mom and step-dad and rounding things off with my brother and his girl-friend later in the fall.  I can't wait to see my family!  And while we prepare for guest we are also working on a few other projects including a co-garage sale with our neighbors. 

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  1. I too would be really nervous about our house being child proof. I think we'd have to screw our bookshelf into the floor and hot glue all of our books. We'd also have to close our dog door and make sure a little one couldn't get into the backyard by themselves. Oooooh I would be so nervous. I'm happy you're time turned out well.