Monday, September 12, 2011

Football, Exercise and Other Miscellany

Hiking around the disc golf course with T.  One of my favorite pictures. 
This weekend was the perfect blend of relaxed with a little activity thrown in.  With the cooler weather here in north Texas (you know 60's as the low and mid to high 90s and the high) this past week, this momma took advantage and kicked it into high gear with the whole post-baby weight loss thing.  To be honest I have been really laid back about losing the baby weight, not because I don't care or I am letting myself slide but because everything has its time and its purpose and those early months I needed to focus on learning to be a mom, recovering from childbirth and mastering the whole breast feeding thing.  Plus, there are the practical aspects, the gym doesn't take infants under 6 month and we had a heat advisory under affect for like 3 months straight.  And I also sort of wanted to see what my body was capable first and you know I actually don't have very much to loose (single digits).  But what I do have left to lose I am going to have to work at so we have been getting out and taking long jogs in the morning.  I make sure to bundle little miss up and put a hat on her so she keeps her ears covered from the north Texas wind.  With all that prepping and caring from my little jogging buddy, I didn't think to cover my own ears so this weekend I spent time resting and sneaking in a nap or two to stave off the sore throat and ear that were making themselves know.  Now I am feeling much, much better.  

I found this hat in our dresser. It was a gift and it is SO girly and SO adorable.  

While resting we made sure to soak in as much college football as possible.  Even though its still not anywhere cool enough to wear a hoodie, drink cider or any other fall-like activity, college football means that fall is coming.  Even if our teams are not looking so hot this season.  And since its still pretty warm here, why not enjoy snow cones from a giant pirate ship?  

How was your weekend?  Eat any food out of any interesting nautical vessels?  

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