Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Adventures and Crazy Hairs

The past week has been filled with random friend visits.  Last week we got to see some dear friends of ours  from Tulsa who passed through town on the way to a wedding and over the weekend one of our friends from Indy brought his daughter down for a college audition.  And this week our we had friends visit from Iowa.  Yesterday we took our little girls to the aquarium and had a blast.  

The aquarium was surprisingly empty so little miss could stand up and look in the glass at a few points and just loved it! She even gave a few little "ooooh!" when fish swam close by.  

You might remember these two cuties from a few months ago.  It's so fun to see how they've grown just since they last time they got to see each other in July!

And can we chat a minute about hair?  As in my sad, postpartum hair.  I thought the worst was during the great postpartum hair loss of summer 2011.  But no, for the past three months all the hair I lost last summer has been growing back and so in every picture I take with my head in it (and let me tell you it's hard to take cute photos of adventures without your head in them!) there is a halo of new hair, like a small duckling or one of the children from Who-ville.  It's out of control.  I keep thinking they will eventually get long enough to blend in with the rest my hair, but seriously ya'll it's out of control.  And I think it's contributing to the overall crazy hair situation in the above picture.    But luckily there is a cute baby in that picture to distract you, right?

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