Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Crafties {Baby Crafties}

Over Christmas I got a few gift cards to Amazon and after pooling them together I was able to snag a new toy camera.  You can see how excited I am here.

Anywho, I ordered it with plans already in mind for how I might use it to make cute little crafts.  So since it arrived last week me and the little miss have been busy trying it out and making our first little projects.  

First up we finished our Christmas thank yous.  Since we receive several thoughtful gifts each year via mail I thought snapping a pic of little miss with her beloved new item to incorporate into the thank you would be super cute. Here's the thank yous:

And since this is the little miss's first Valentines and since she can't really make Valentines without some major momma assistance, I thought I would use the camera to help her make a few Valentines for her loves.  

Not too bad for my first two attempts with the camera.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!  

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