Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Bites

We have embarked on the adventure of eating solids.  We are not following any particular method unless there is a fancy, study based title for "the momma trusts her gut to know what's right for her baby." 

So far we really dig bananas but we don't like them in little pieces.  We like a chunk of banana we can hold and bite pieces off.  We also like organic, whole grain cereal O's, strawberries and blackberries.  Despite the face I caught below :)

We also like small pancake pieces (no syrup!), eggs, raisin toast, shredded cheese, brown rice, steamed broccoli and the star of our tray--crackers!  

I've had friends say that their favorite phase was starting baby food, but this is so fun!  To see what she likes, what she doesn't--how all of that changes from day to day and week to week.  And to watch and encourage her as she figures this food thing out and builds self-esteem in her new skill.  Being a parent is just the best.

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