Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines and A Cake

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We had a really great Valentines this week.  In years past we haven't been big on celebrating Valentines Day since it was just the two of us and we could go out on dates any time we wanted and T never left me in short supply of fresh flowers just because.  But this year my sweet sister offered to babysit and since time together is at a premium we jumped on the chance.  Add to that that this is little miss's first Valentines and I wanted to just surround my little family in love.  Even if it is a silly holiday, it's a good time to teach and be reminded about commitments we have as a family everyday, year round.  So we celebrated as a family and then T and I went out.  I tried to do a few things to make this year special for little miss and our family.  And it was great to have a babysitter (thanks, sis!) so T and I could have the chance to hang out just the two of us Valentines Day or not!  

Last weekend I baked a cake on the fly for some friends that were coming over.  It ended up being super dense and moist and just wrong.  Just wrong.  And it really bothered me.  I don't normally make mistakes cooking or baking and what was worse is that I couldn't figure it out.  About three days later I realized what I had done--a simple and silly mistake.  I violated one one of the basic rules of baking when I was in a hurry and my little helper was being less than helpful.  Ah, but no excuses, eh?  And so to test my theory about my mistake I made a second cake for my loves on Valentines Day.  And I was right and the cake was right and all was well and everyone felt loved!

How was your Valentines Day?  

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