Friday, January 28, 2011

Away We Go

Fifteen months ago we did this:

We fell in love with our cute little 1923 craftsman style house and took the plunge into home ownership.  More than homeownership, we took the plunge into making a home in a city that we had only intended to live in for a 2 year residency.  We took the plunge to turn friends we had made here into our family, to let our lives lay down roots and bloom here.  And these past fifteen months have been the best.  We are surround by two of the best sets of neighbors ever, we have cooked out, played cards and laughed with friends we have enjoyed some of the best successes in our careers to date.  This last success has led to an unexpected change for our family. 

It is with great sadness and excitement that we announce we are moving back to Texas.  A sign that looks quiet similar to the one we are holding above already rests in our yard and in a yard in Texas there should be a similar sign that represents the promise of a new house we will make into a home.  There are so many people and things we will miss in Indy and there are so many things we are looking forward to as we try to imagine our new life in Texas.  But this time has been blessed more than we could imagine, we know we will keep up with our Indiana family and that we will make new friends that feel like family in Texas.   

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