Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lucky Guy

Back at the begining of December I recieved an e-mail or read on a blog that Diaper Dude was doing a giveaway for the holidays.  I forwarded it on to T in case he was interested in entering the contest and didn't think much of it.

A few weeks went by and we were in the car headed somewhere when T said, "hey remember that diaper bag giveaway you sent me, I like, won. I thought it was a fluke but I e-mailed to verify and we won a $100 diaper bag"  Way to go husband! He then went on to say that it was actaully a contest and that he got chosen from all the entries.  Apparently he had to leave a commet on thier facebook page commenting on why he would like the bag and how he would use it.  T said all the other entries were lame things like "we are having a baby" or "to help my wife out" so T in all his humor and creativity said something to the effect of "I can use it haul diapers around when my daughter is a baby and beer around like a portable cooler when she is older and I have to chase boyfriends off."  My husband is a genius (or at least a little funny) because he scored us a free $100 diaper bag

So it came right before Christmas and I snapped this picture of T with it when he opened the package. Cool, very cool!

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