Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Baby, But Not What You Think

For about a year now I have had a total fantasy to own my very own DSLR camera.  I want better pictures and I want something that can capture live action better than a point and click, which doesn't cut it for wiggly or moving things.   When we found out that we were expecting a baby my desire for a better camera just sky rocketted.  This process took a while mainly because I take forever to make major purchases and rarely ever spend this kind of money on anything.  Luckily, along with my slowness to pull the trigger on big purchases God gave me the insane capacity to set savaings goals and make them happen.  

So last Saturday T and I went to Roberts Camera the local camera store here in Indianapolis and Carmel.  I had done tons of research but I still wanted to go and hold the camera and look at it and talk to someone before I pulled the trigger.  I also wanted T's input on it.  And I have to say, the people at Roberts were amazing!  I cannot say enough about how positive the experience was at Roberts.  They were great about listening to my needs and budget and making suggestions about what equipment was best, what I would need first, what could wait.  Plus they offer free classes to beginners if you purchase your equiptment there.  Also thier prices were better than the big box stores.  Can you tell it was positive the way I am going on about it? 

So here she is--The Canon Rebel T2i.  We decided to go with the T2i because of the extra megapixels and because you can run an external mic when recording video.  Did I mention it records video?  Oooh and I got a tripod and a remote so I have all these fabulous plans to shoot our family portraits!  I can't wait to capture our little baby and all our new family adventures. 

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