Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Update, Week 30

I have been really bad about baby updates on the blog but luckily I have been better at documenting it on paper for my scrapbook (maybe I will post some pictures later!).

Anyhow, thought I would post a little update since we are at one of those big mile markers--30 Weeks! The post is a little late since we were at 30 weeks last Friday, but this week has been hectic (more on that in future posts).

I am still feeling really great.  Like the energy flipped on like a light switch when I went from the first trimester to the second, I could almost instantly tell that I was in my third trimester by the sudden drop in energy.  The other thing I suppose of note is that I can tell that I am slowly leaving the "I am cute and pregnant phase" and entering the "I am big and pregnant phase."  It is taking a bit longer to find an outfit in the morning that I feel cute in.  Not a completely big deal, but if you know me, I like dressing and feeling cute. 

I still have the pain in my right hip that I have had off and on since week 10  but other than that I am a pretty happy camper.  I do have to say though, I am having a harder time bending over to pick things up gracefully.  I am thankful that Ranger takes care of most food tha gets dropped in our house.  My weight gain has been pretty much on track for what it should be and I haven't had any swelling yet in my feet or anywhere else. 

Our little girl is doing great.  I have a hunch that she is going to be easy to put on a schedule since her active times are pretty predicatble--very wiggly but on a schedule.  She moved head down about week 26 and the doctors think she will just stay that way.  Sounds like she is a planner like her momma and just wants to be ready.  That means that her butt is already up in my stomach and ribs.  A few weeks ago, when she would stretch out, her butt would push into my stomach giving me this strange sensation like I had a knot in my stomach and needed to swallow.  Now at week 30 she is big enough that when she stretches her little butt pokes out from this side of my ribs creating a nice, hard, uncomfortable bump. 

At 30 weeks the ultrasound showed that she is roughly 3.5 pounds and measuring 31 weeks along.  This is not really a big deal except that we had some discrepancy amongst doctors in the begining about how far along I actually was and when my due date was (I am pretty sure my doctor finally just step out of the room, flipped a coin and came back in with a "decision" to keep the original due date, despite the specialist advocating to chagne it).  Even at 8 weeks when all babies are basically the same size, she was measuring a week and a half or two further along.  She did the same at the 12 week ultrasound and so forth.  So we either have a big baby (which would totally be out of character for my family history) or little miss may surprise us with an early debut.  Who knows!  But since the average baby puts on a half a pound a week for these last 10 weeks, let's just say I am a bit worried.  Our next ultrasound is at 32 weeks so we will find out more then!

Allong with total size, she also happens to be excelling in head size.  no surprise there, since both momma and daddy have big heads (we can't buy "one size fits all" hats).  But at the last ultrasound the doctor kept saying, "she has a really big head."  He then explained that while she is only 30 weeks old, her head is measuring at 32 weeks.  But of course he followed that up with "but I am sure that means she is really smart."  Good recovery ultrasound tech.

Other than that she is look basically perfect.  Her heart and all the other organs look great and so does everything else that goes into helping her grow and stay healthy and safe.  We are getting impatient to meet her, but not too impatient, as we still need to take our birth classes here starting next week!

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