Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Poor Puppy

Over the holidays we took Ranger to his favorite place for training and boarding.  He LOVES going to the trainers for a week of training, every time we pull in the drive he wags his tiny hiney off.  He loves all the trainers and I have on occassion suspected that he might love it there a bit more than our house with the way they spoil him.  In fact, several of the staff have said they would love to take Ranger home with them.

But while he was there he decided to get in a bit a scrap with a German Shepherd mix--our trainers were mortified as this have NEVER happened in the history of thier facility.  Leave it to Ranger to set new records, blaze new trails and get into trouble. 

So the last week and a half Ranger has only been home one night, as he has been in and out of the vet getting patched up and then re-patched up.  The above picture was between surgery #2 and #3 while he was at home with us.  He is sporting a TCU colored sports bra/bandage (although T insists that its a "vest").  Now he is home safe and sound and doing well, sleeping in his bed. 

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