Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Stuff Review*

When we started preparing for little miss part of that prep was gathering all the "stuff."  We did the registry, we read the Baby Bargain book, talked to family and collected the wisdom of wiser and more experienced moms.  We tried to take in all the the collective wisdom around us and we were also acutely aware thanks to the book Parenting Inc that there is an entire industry aiming to make money by preying on our insecurities and ignorance as new parents.  One of our guiding questions was "is this something we really need or is this product playing on our new parent fear, ignorance, etc?" That being said there were still items that we have gotten little to no use out of and some that I couldn't imagine surviving without.

Now being a mom of nearly 8 months (yikes!  can you believe that?!) I thought I would share a few of the items we have loved and used to death and some of the items that were a total flop.  Of course each family and baby's needs are different, but here's what worked (and didn't) for us...

What worked...
1)  The Baby Swing--top of the list.  My mom said, "if there is anything you want out of the box and assembled before you go to the hospital its this--it may be the only way you get a hot meal for the first couple of months."  And boy was she right! There was a phase of oh...maybe 2 months in the beginning where this was the only place that little miss would take a nap besides in our arms.  With out the swing I am pretty sure that no meals would have been cooked and no dishes would have been washed in this house.

2) The Breast Pump--across the board every mom I knew that breastfed and our doctors said "you get what you pay for when it come to breast pumps."  And I would say that ours has ruled and been totally worth it.  Plus it will stand up for future uses with future kiddos.

3) Baby Carrier--we used a baby Bijorn that our awesome cousin Jenny passed along.  We also had a sling but I liked the Bijorn better especially once little miss could face outward.  It is how I get the house vacuumed on those days where little miss doesn't want to be put down.  Plus she prefers it over the stroller when we are out and about because she gets to be snuggled in close to me but gets to be at eye level to take in all the sights and people.  It actually has started to get harder to carry her sometimes because she gets so excited that she bounces up and down

4) Our high chair--I LOVE our OXO Tots Sprout high chair.  It met all of our needs and concerns--BPA free, had a small foot print, the tray could be removed with one hand, no cloth to worry about cleaning three times a day (it has a really cushy wipeable seat pad), sturdy and fits in with our decor.  Plus it was super easy to assemble (like 6 bolts) and is really high quality.  It was a splurge item for us for sure but it will be with us and I am sure look and work like new for all our kiddos, nieces, nephews and other babies.  And as a totally random side note--of all the product registration cards I diligently filled out for each baby item like a good first time parent this was the only company that personally contacted me to confirm that they had received that little card and thank me for my business.  Not by a mass e-mail from the "do-not reply" address, but a real live person.  I was impressed.  

What didn't...
1) The Boppy--ok, so everyone raved about what an essential this was to baby life in the beginning and the product claimed to have all these multiple uses.  But it didn't work for us because our little miss was a peanut.  It didn't work for breastfeeding because she would slide down the crack between me and the pillow, it only worked for tummy time for a week because then she would start kicking her legs and launching herself over the top of it.  It did work well to give her support to sit but no more than two pillows would have.  I guess it just didn't work for us and I wonder if we had a bigger baby if I would feel different.

2) The Bumbo--I know, I know. Another one of those "must have" items that has changed baby life since your mom was doing all this.  But honestly we used it so briefly before she was in her exersaucer and high chair it seems wasteful.  And now that she is getting so strong it's definitely not stable enough for baby sitting.  I have heard other moms say that the Bumbo is really depends on the baby's personality--certain babies really dig it and others don't, so maybe the next one will dig it.

What must have things have disappointed you as a parent? What things are your must haves for baby growing?

*I obviously didn't get paid for this post, I am just opinionated and really like hearing the opinions of other moms on this stuff!


  1. We have the same swing, and initially, didn't think we needed one. We got one during our excessively fussy time about a month in. We love it too!

    1. Brooke, my mom told me before she was born "if there is one thing you want and want assembled before the baby gets here it's the swing! It may be the only way you get a hot meal or can tidy the house for the first few months." And she was right. What I didn't mention was that we had a different brand of swing that totally stopped working 8 weeks after she was born--ugh! It was almost an emergency!