Friday, December 16, 2011

A Quick Holiday Card Display

I love getting all the holiday cards in the mail--catching up with people, seeing all the cute pictures of the kiddos and grandkiddos.  Instead of keeping them in a basket or in a stack on the kitchen counter, I wanted to create a quick display so I could enjoy our cards a bit more this year!  

I took bakers twine and hung up two 3 foot strands and took tiny clothes pins to clip the cards up.  

Over the top I hung a little JOY banner that I made with three doilies and a cool font I found and saved from Martha Stewart but I can't find the link now to the pdf (If you know--let me know and I will link it up!).

These are not the best pictures on the planet--I took them too late int he day, but I really wanted to share this project before the holiday passed by!  

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