Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No One Goes to College...

My friend Jessica has blogged several times about her mantra when she worries about her kid's development or whether or not something they do is "normal." She says, "No one goes to college..."  As in no one goes to college with a pacifier or no one goes to college wearing pull-ups at night.

When I heard her use this phrase I chuckled for two reasons.  One, as a new parent its so easy to stress out about benchmarks and development and all that jazz and two, I have already ready had to implement the phrase because little miss has her own "personality." Don't get me wrong, she is a dream, she is easy going and people are constantly complimenting how well she behaves for her age.  She is easy going and funny  but there are still things I worry about so here's my edition of "No One Goes to College..."

1) No one goes to college eating only pureed food fed to them by their mother while their hands rest politely at their side.

2) No one goes to college making a little gremlin face when strangers talk to them in the store.

3) No one goes to college tearing their socks off any chance they get just to chew on them and wave them around their head.  

Also, there's no Tuesday Crafties today because I will be sharing a special nursery update later this week featuring a new crafty.  As long as the weather cooperates and I can get some natural sun light to take some photos!

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