Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Crafties

I am super excited for this Tuesday Crafties to be sharing a new crafty and our mantel decor.  I didn't go all out decorating the mantel this year, partly because this is our first time ever with a fireplace mantel and I am still sort of wrapping my head around it and partly because we keep it simple round here and the tree is only a mere five feet away and I didn't want it to feel too crazy in here.

Anyhow, I made this simple felt garland to bring in a warm, Christmas feel while still complimenting our existing art work, etc.  I also think that because the garland ties into the existing art work and adds a touch of warm, cozy it may be the kind of thing that transitions our decor from Christmas to winter.

When T saw me hanging it he laughed and said "only we would hang garland from our collection of show posters!" I guess he is right, but that's the point.  To make and decorate this house into something that is "only us."

What kind of things do you incorporate into your decor that are totally representative of your family?

P.S. Want some handmade garland of your own?  I have some listed in my shop!

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