Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Girl After Her Aunt's Own Heart

About a month ago little miss was dedicated in worship at our church.  It was a meaningful experience because we were able to have our extended family and some friends present.  A few days after the dedication my little sis and I were reminiscing about the dedication and how wonderfully it went and my sister started telling me that during worship there was an awkward spot where someone should have been talking or there was a silent transition.  She said, "yeah, it was awkward so I decided to fill the dead space with a hand fart.  You know, make a little fart noise with my hands. But don't worry," she said, "I leaned forward so it would sound like it came from the people in front of me."  I laughed SO hard I almost fell off my chair.  Only my sister would think, "Hey this is awkward! I know the perfect solution--make a fake fart noise!"  

About two weeks later my sister, Adelaide and I were riding in the car somewhere.  My sis and I were in the midst of some really passionate conversation.  Suddenly our conversation sort of came to a close and the car got silent and from the back seat we heard a little, "ppphhhhtttt." Our little miss decided to fill the silence with a raspberry or as my sister now calls it a mouth fart.  We like to keep it classy around here.

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