Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 A Look Back

This is a little late but we have been soaking up the very last drops of our holiday vacation around here.  2011 was by far the craziest year I have had in many, many years.  When I think back about what has happened it sort of amazes me.  So for fun here's our year in review...

In January we we letting the news sink in that we were going to move to Texas for an opportunity in T's career.   We listed our house in Indy a week before Christmas with seven inches of snow on the ground in the midst of this crappy economy and by the second week in January we had a contract on it and it was sold.  I was also in full-on baby cooking mode with only 2 full months left to go, feeling great and still had plenty of energy.  

The month of February we flew to Texas to look for a home and found our lovely little abode and made an offer.  Things got super quiet here on the blog because I was a little busy growing a healthy little person, prepping a house for a packing/moving team and wrapping up things at my full time ministry, and saying goodbyes.  The last week of February we closed on our home in Indy, said some very sad goodbyes and make our way to Texas via Oklahoma to get settled.

In March we landed in Texas, closed on our house and began the fast (ok, I was waddling by now so not that fast) and furious of nesting for a little one due to arrive in a month.  My family came and helped paint the master and the nursery and unpack all those heavy boxes that were off limits.  I started to get my bearings in the city and on the advice of some really wise women at my last church pre-emtively joined a mom's group.  

The month of April got off to an exciting start as we welcomed our little girl into the world on the first.  She was little and sweet and perfect and we quickly threw ourselves into the nerve wracking world of being new parents.  The first half of April T was able to stay at home with me and my family came and pitched in.  Since we didn't get much sleep I don't really remember much beyond cuddling with my little girl.  At the end of the month we celebrated Easter as a family.  

May we started to get back into the swing of things, tackled some projects around the house.  Put the finishing touches on the nursery and even got to the flea market to pick up a few pieces for the house.  I started sharing a few of my crafties here on the blog.  Me and the little miss started to hit a stride together, figuring out this mamma-baby thing.  

In June we were reminded of how stinking hot it is in Texas.  We stayed pretty close to home this month. At the end of the month T and I had our four year wedding anniversary and got to celebrate by going out on our first post-baby date by ourselves while my mom watched the little miss for an hour or two while we went and got dinner.  It was fun to hang with T but we were both sort of a wreck being away from our sweet little girl.       

We started the month of July off by taking a quick family get away to Nashville TN to see our friends and introduce the little miss to some of our dear friends from Indy and Nashville.  It was so fun and Adelaide did great sleeping in a hotel for the first time.  When we returned from vacation our AC was out--ugh!  But we camped out at our family's house and it was fixed in no time.  The record breaking heat here in Texas was in full swing and so we spent a lot of time in the pool and little miss even got in on the action!

August I turned 30 and we had a little family party to celebrate.  We tried to avoid the heat which showed no sign of slowing.  And someone turned three months old, started responding more and more and began to love reading books.  

In September Adelaide and I baked cupcakes together for Aunt Kathrynn's birthday.  We also made a trip to Oklahoma for a wedding shower.  

This October was a BIG month for us.  The Texas Rangers made it to the world series and T got to go to one play off game and a World Series game, which was a total dream come true for him.  Of course, we spent most of November in sports mourning, but we won't talk about that... Another big thing happened in October, which contributed to my total blog silence--my little brother got married to his lovely wife Ashley.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast!  We also took a ton of pictures of little miss at the pumpkin patch when we went with both my mom's group and as a family, saw her army crawling really get going and ended the month with Halloween and a cute baby in a bear costume.  

November along with sports mourning we got enjoyed the cooler weather, got outdoors and had some family adventures.  I launched a modest little etsy shop and then got dealthly ill with a stomach flu from hell.  Seriously, it was an awful way to get five pounds closer to my pre-pregnancy weight.  The middle of the month we saw little miss's first tooth and not too long after her second. She also discovered and mastered the concept that she could move and scrunch her face to get reactions out of people and used this new skill anywhere and every where. And we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Adelaide in our new home.  

And December I worked to add a few new crafty projects to the house, we baked cookies and decorated for Christmas.  I even did a little update on the nursery to add a little extra magic.  Me and the sister went to the DMA to check out a special exhibit and then T and the little miss and I went back to check out the general collection.  We celebrated the holiday as a family of three in our home and had a wonderful time making memories, relaxing and just soaking up as much as we could of the little miss as she army crawls and "talks" up a storm. 

When I think that this time last year I was pregnant, with a house on the market, preparing to leave a job I was madly in love with to move closer to family in Texas my head just spins. This year was full of goodbyes, but it also brought one of the most amazing hellos of my life--welcoming our daughter into the world and getting to show her the ropes.  It was a dizzying year, a tearful year, a joyful year.  One I will remember for the rest of my life.  

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