Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday and Some Internet Love

Happy Friday everyone!  We had a great week...not sure about that to do list, but we did survive T's first week of travel with flying colors and even had a little fun!  I taught baby girl to go "Oooooh!" and now she does it every time she gets excited or sees something she likes.  Too cute.  And this weekend we have a great little family outing planned.  

Here are a few things from around the internet that caught my eye this week...

This article on being a parent really touched me and apparently a lot of other people too since its made the rounds this week.  It captures the paradox between absolutely loving being a parent and also counting down the minutes some nights until bedtime.  It gave me some solid ways to talk about this wondrous and challenging calling of parenthood. Check it out.

Another parenting article but equally as insightful that I read this week.  

And how cool is this Lego taxidermy!?  Such a cool addition to a little guy's room.  You could do a whole woodland theme around them.

Love the idea of painting up a fun little camera like the Holga with a chevron design.  

Hope you have a great weekend!

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