Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Crafties {Baby Crafties}

Adelaide is getting to the age where we can do some age appropriate little projects together.  After all, she made her first piece of art work at church already!  So this week I thought I would finally tackle the whole "baby's footprint and handprint" pages in the baby book I spruced up earlier this spring.  Yes, this would have been ten time easier when she was little, little but better late than never right?

Here's what you need to get those little baby paws down on paper for posterity:

1) Paper, pages from the baby book or card stock (what ever you want/need/have)
2) A non-toxic ink pad 
3) baby lotion
4) a wet towel or dish cloth

So set everything up--pages, ink pad and wet cloth before getting started.  Then I took my willing little assistant and applied lotion to her hands and feet and to my hands.  The purpose of the lotion is to create a thin barrier between her hand and feet and the ink, thus making it way easier to wipe off.  Putting it on my hands did the same thing.  That's my big secret trick for this whole project.  Then I did her feet first to get her used to the idea and placed each one on her page, wiping them off in between.  

Finally I did her hands which proved to be waaay trickier and a wee bit unsuccessful because we are at the age where we are the master and commander of our hands.  But it was a fun project to do together and now I have a little something in her baby book to remember those cute little piggies. 

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