Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday

It's Monday here.  It's overcast and windy but warm, another deceptive weather day here in Texas. We are off to a pretty productive start to the week, considering T is back to traveling during the week for the first time since July.  He's gotten these two girls pretty spoiled around here, so I am pleased that today has started so well.  I have a few things that I hope to share with you all here on the blog over this week and next as I try to get back on top of things, find my routine again and tackle my long list of to-dos.  I am shamefully and embarassingly behind on things for the shop, blog and around the house.  So my plan while T is gone is to soak up time with little miss and get that list tackled.  

So here's to Monday, tackling to-do lists and trying not to miss the mister too bad.  What's on your slate for the week?

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