Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Bites

We are still trying out all kinds of new table foods.  She still loses patience before she can get enough in her tummy so we usually put out a balanced spread of table food and let her work on it until she gets frustrated or bored and then we top her off with some pureed veggies.  

This is still such a fun phase!  To my surprise she really digs beans--not just green beans but black bean and lentils.  What a surprise!  She also really love white fish like cod and tilapia and could and would eat her own weight in green peas.  She also loves holding a chunk of pineapple and working little pieces off with her little teeth.  And running out of potatoes on our tray nearly caused a riot the other night at dinner.  We haven't quiet embraced spaghetti but we like mom's homemade vegetable pasta sauce.  For the most part we cut up what we are eating and she gives it a try.  

Honey garlic grilled chicken, sweet corn and strawberries

Black beans, peas and cheese

Veggie lasagna, avocado, green beans and strawberries  

Peas, cheese, blueberries and white grapes

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