Monday, March 5, 2012

This Weekend We...

This weekend we...
  • had an impromptu pizza party
  • fed the ducks
  • made a big breakfast
  • went to the park to sit on a blanket and enjoy the sun
  • did about five loads of dishes
  • painted three rooms in our house (or rather one giant room containing the kitchen, eat in area, and living room and fourteen foot ceilings)
  • caught up with friends 
  • had an family date night out for Mexican food
  • found the perfect mirror for our guest bath--and it was waaaay under budget! 
  • sang tons of songs with little miss
  • went to church
  • cleaned the floors and behind the refrigerator (yikes!)
  • picked up a few supplies for a special trip we are taking soon
  • made lasagna from scratch
  • hosted family game night
  • won (T) and lost (me) a game of Scrabble 
  • watched a movie 

What did you do this weekend? tackle projects?  Relax?  A little of both? 

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