Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not So Fast

Two things people say to me as a new mom that make me want to cry and/or punch the unsuspecting commenter.  "They grow up so fast" and "I hardly remember my child being that small." I know that sounds pretty harsh doesn't it?  But seriously, I have loved every moment of these first few weeks and months and there are so many details about Adelaide and our family that I don't want to forget, especially how small she is.  So I am spending some time this week instead of blogging making sure I have written down as much as I can for my own memory but so that I have these memories and stories to pass down to her.

I have a few things scheduled to post so I don't think you will miss me and I will be back with some fun stuff next week but for now, I think it will leave you to smell in more of that intoxicating baby smell and memorize all those fingers and toes.  

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