Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Crafties

Happy Tuesday!  We are off to a slow start this week, since our weekend was so full of fun and celebration.  But I do have a little crafty bit to share with you.  Little miss got a new little romper this weekend as a gift and I decided that it needed a matching head band.  So even though you have seen me do head bands for the wee babe before here is another one.

I think this one is way better than my previous attempt because this time I thought about the placement of the leaves in relationship to the elastic and her head.  I sort of forgot that last time and they stuck up like little feathers on an Indian head dress.  

I made this one with felt and tried a bit different style.  Here it is on our little model:

I know, I know, its huge on her head, but its so stinking cute!  

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