Monday, June 20, 2011

Over the Weekend

Good morning!  It's Monday and I don't know about you but I am ready to tackle this week and knock several things off the ol' to-do list!  I also think I am energized for the week because our weekend was so fun.  

Friday I got the weekend off to an early start with my friend Jane who was in town for the weekend.  She bravely agreed to load up the little miss and go to Ikea and to lunch.  It was so fun and aside from the little miss hooting her way through the home decor section we did pretty awesome on our little trip.  I got some long, black picture ledges I was going to use for the office, but they are too long so I think I might give them a try in the eat in kitchen area.  I also got a cute little vase.  On Friday night T and little miss and I hung out with family and ordered pizza and watched the US Open (we are a family full of golf nerds!) and tried to avoid the heat (can you tell that's a theme here these days?!).

Early Saturday, before the heat got too unbearable, I left T and the little miss alone to have some daddy-daughter time while Jane and I met back up to go to Trade Days in McKinney, TX.  Jane was on the hunt for a big metal star for her back porch and I was on the hunt for some vintage glass pieces to plant a few plants in an put around the house and a funnel cake.  I ended up finding a glass bowl with three cute little legs, a metal hook for the closet to hang purses on and the coolest drawer pulls (and no funnel cake).  

I also got this cute succulent to plant in my bowl for $2 at the flea market--way cheaper than you can find them at the lawn and garden store.  And way healthier looking.  In fact I wish I had gotten a few more.  Ah well, there is always next month!

I don't exactly know what I am going to do with these pulls yet, but they had so much personality for $1 I couldn't pass them up.  

The rest of Saturday, T, little miss and I spend blissfully vegging out and enjoying each other's company with nowhere to be.  

Sunday was T's first Father's Day.  Little miss and I woke up and tried to let T sleep in, but he wanted to get up and hang with us.  So I made coffee and breakfast for him while Adelaide entertained him with her cuteness.  At breakfast we had him open his gift and cards from us.    

This picture is from earlier in the week--Adelaide and T watch the Texas Ranger games together.  I even got her a little headband to wear that matches her onesie that she can wear to the park to see games next season.  

In the afternoon we trekked over to Fort Worth to be a part of the ordination service for our friend Jackie.  The service was beautiful and little miss was an absolute doll for the whole hour and a half ordeal.  

Afterwards we grabbed some Mexican food with our friends that were in attendance at the service before heading home.  It was so good to get caught up and for little miss to meet some of the people that are so important to us.  Here she is with our friend Ryan.  She wore her tutu for the occasion, because nothing says "I celebrate this special day with you" like a tutu.  

It was a great weekend with the perfect balance of fun and adventure and relaxation.  How was your weekend?

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