Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the Weekend

Our weekend was for the most part nice and relaxing.  How was yours?

On Friday we went out on a family date to Fuzzy's Tacos.  I love their shrimp salad with house dressing and we both love their queso.  Yum!  Little miss made the perfect third wheel to our date smiling at us and looking around the whole time.  

Saturday we hung by the pool and cooked out (that seems to be what we do every weekend!) and watched the Rangers play.  Sunday we just hung around the house and rested and of course caught the Mavs game.

This week I have some really exciting stuff to share.  My Tuesday Crafties this week will come with a tutorial (yea!).  I have made a few updates to the nursery I will share with y'all and by request I have finally written a post about how we have sleep trained out sweet little miss.  And maybe there will be a few more things I share.  Who knows!

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