Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nursery Art Work Update

Since we are already on a nursery kick this week I thought I would share a little update.  When I did the nursery reveal I shared that my plan for little miss's two art walls over her bed and dresser was to slowly add art and pictures, taking the art upward since the room has some height to it.

Well I already added a few things to the wall over her dresser and changing area.  Remember it looked like this before:

Well two weeks ago Nicole at Making it Lovely posted a free download of a print for her daughter's nursery and it seem just perfect to add to our little collection. Plus it was right in my price range--FREE!  If you are interested in adding this cute print to your collection you can find it here

So I printed it off, went to Target and got a frame and finally framed our family's first holiday portrait together in another frame I already had around.  Then I sort of played around with the layout and this is what I came up with:

Cute, huh?  And for those of you that like the straight on view to get a sense of lay out:

I really like the new lay out and I think it holds the wall better with a few more items and a little more height added.  

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