Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Goings On

We are pretty big on fall traditions and celebrations at our house.  Last year I shared a few of our favorite activities past and present.  This year as we physically acclimate to the warm weather here in Texas it has been a wee bit harder to get into the fall mood because my brain and my wardrobe say "its time for knits and tights and hot beverages" but the weather says "you can still wear shorts and flip flops." Either way we look forward to this time of year and of course this year we are excited to share it with the little miss.  

Here's a brief little recap of our fall comings and goings so far this year:  

Little miss and I went with our play group to the pumpkin patch and got some killer photos of her in the patch.  

We also took a drive out to the country and took some family photos in the patch.  

Nothing says fall like cider and pumpkin ale and all the deliciousness of a change in season and a change in the seasonal beers we buy.  Yum.  

We have started turning on the oven and busting out the fall recipes.  Bake stuffed squash is my favorite.  Here's how you make it.

We have drug out the fall decor and spruced it up a bit this year.

We had one (yes ONE) cool, foggy, rainy day.  

We dressed little miss up as a bear for her first Halloween.

And we may or may not be keeping the head of the bear costume out to put on from time to time.

That's a glimpse of our fall so far.  What have you been doing to welcome the season after such a brutally hot summer?

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