Monday, November 28, 2011

Over the {Holiday} Weekend

How did everyone's holiday weekend go?  We had a wonderful holiday weekend--it was equal parts restful and adventurous and full of family-time awesomeness.  

Our Thanksgiving Day was low key with a small get together with family and friends, hosted at our house.  I cooked a full Thanksgiving meal which was awesome--I love cooking especially in my own home for people I love!  And bonus, we were able to get my sis to snap a few family pics for the Christmas card.  This one is of just T and I, so it didn't make the cut for the Christmas card, but I love it so much I have to share it here.  

And we got a few pics of us girlies!  

We are not big Black Friday people, in fact, we have only ever made one purchase on Black Friday.  Really, the whole Black Friday thing seems rather counter intuitive to how we do Christmas with a budget and a plan, but hey, no judgement here if it's your thing (unless you pepper sprayed anyone and then, shame on you!).  So instead of participating in mass consumerism we decided to create some family memories and enjoy the crazy warm weather by packing up our cute little family and heading over to the FTW Zoo.  I mean really, where else can you spend a gorgeous day at the zoo in late November but Texas?  So we took advantage and took the little miss to see the animals.  

Little miss loved the penguins and turtles and then just really loved all the people watching.  The cooler weather meant that all the animals were out and very active, rather than in the summer when they are either indoors or lounging in the shade. We saw a zebra get a full run going, which was stunning.  

Aren't these two just the most handsome date to the zoo a girl could ever have?!

On Saturday we started decorating the tree for the holidays and met up with friends for lunch.  Little miss and I also got some time together so we decided to pop over to the mall to say "hey!" to a friend that just picked up a part time job there.  And I am so glad I did because little miss was hilarious!  Every time we stepped out into the main mall crowd she would grin and bounce up and down--she was definitely excited to be around all the people.  

Sunday was more decorating and resting and family time and just sort of soaking up the last bit of family time together before a hectic week.  

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?  


  1. Great pictures! Your holiday weekend sounds like it was wonderful. We had a great time too. We went to El Paso to spend Thanksgiving with John's family. We got to see my brother and his family too. We loved it!