Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Out

I needed a time out from blogging.  It's complicated.  I think those of you that read and write blogs understand.  The internet is public and that's exciting because it connects you to a lot of amazing people but it also scary because it leaves pieces of your life exposed to people that don't have the best of intentions.  And then there's Adelaide and her safety and well being.  These are not new questions to bloggers or to me, but I have needed some time to think about it and figure out how I want to share our little story and sweet little life here on the ol blog.  I didn't start this as a family blog or a mom blog, but I have a family and I am a mom and so that is part of how I share what's going on here.  Ultimately, I love writing and blogging and trust that I am smart enough to protect my family while doing what I enjoy. There are far better and more eloquent articulations of this dilemma out there, but I thought I would share where I've been.

So we will be back to regular programming here.  And I am excited about that, because we have been very, very busy.  

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