Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Happy Thursday all!  We are getting very excited planning our Thanksgiving meal, cleaning the house and getting the china out.  Every time I think about using the china I have a little inner squeal of excitement (goofy and girly, I know!). It's little miss's first Thanksgiving, but it's also our first Thanksgiving in our new home and truth be told it will be our first Thanksgiving in our own home period.  I am really looking forward to hosting and making memories in our home this holiday season.  Right now I am debating what part of our menu will be traditional classic dishes and what new dishes I want to try out and maybe incorporate as new family tradition in years to come.  Do you keep the menu the same very year or do you change it up?  Any recipe suggestions out there?   

And remember we have our first giveaway going.  Enter here and check out the shop here.  I have a few really cute things I am working on for the shop that I hope to get listed this weekend.  And I might even be working on a few cute things for the house to decorate for Christmas!  

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