Monday, November 21, 2011

Over the Weekend

I am just going to warn you.  If you are looking for a magical over the weekend post with fun pictures of mommas and baby and dads having adventures, this post isn't going to be that.  

Thursday night I got violently ill with a flu virus.   At 4am when it looked like it wasn't a fluke and I might just die, I rolled over and sent two texted, one to my aunt who lives around the corner to see if she could come help with the little miss during the day and one to my sister to see if she could come help T disinfect the house after she got off work so that no one else would get this devil.  I will spare you the gross details but let's just say it took until Sunday night for me to have a real meal and my "meal" was a dry baked potato.  Awesome.  

The upside is my two favorite ladies pulled through, so little miss was very happy and well cared for and my house is sparkling clean and germ free. And of course T was super dad over the weekend taking little miss out on mini-adventures that they would then come back and recount to me.  There might have been some Christmas decoration gazing and petting puppies involved--those two are just too much fun when they get together!

The down side is that all then thing I planned on wrapping up, taking photos of and getting listed in the shop were delayed. But don't forget you can still enter the giveaway until midnight tonight! 

So that's what happened over my weekend, did anyone doing anything fun or have an adventure?  Since I stayed in bed all weekend I would love to hear what you were up to! 

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